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dub / дублировать, ровнять, пригонять
duplicate, double, dub, understudy, stand in, fold
dub, level
bring, fit, gather, fit in, true, dub
hit, smite, strike, bump, knock, dub
dock, dub, clip, stump, chop about
имя существительное
неумелый человек
dub, muff
lubber, goof, laggard, lummox, galoot, dub
имя существительное
an instance of dubbing sound effects or music.
the level of the dub can be controlled manually
a style of popular music originating from the remixing of recorded music (especially reggae), typically with the removal of some vocals and instruments and the exaggeration of bass guitar.
The bottom line, I think, is that the music here is all of an incredibly high level, and even the most diehard fans of reggae and dub probably will find something new among the twenty tracks here.
an inexperienced or unskillful person.
give an unofficial name or nickname to (someone or something).
the media dubbed anorexia “the slimming disease.”
dress (an artificial fishing fly) with strands of fur or wool or with other material.
smear (leather) with grease.
trim or make smooth (wood) with an adze.
provide (a film) with a soundtrack in a different language from the original.
the film will be dubbed into French and Flemish
His lack of personal depth led Milligan to dub him ‘The Mr Nobody of the 20th century.’
Now it was a simple job to tape your favourite pop single from a radio broadcast, or to hook your cassette recorder up to your ‘record player’ and dub an entire LP onto a tape.
Elsewhere, Jon mixes up elements of dub , jazz and ambient music into the requisite funk beats.
The English dub closely follows the subtitles, which means the English version is a faithful adaptation of the original meaning.
Expanding on the same influences, Mind Elevation reaffirms the Nightmares' connections with soul music and dub , with the opening tracks, Mind Eye and Say-Say, setting up the tone perfectly.
The English dub is passable and at times more evocative than the subtitled translations, but overall the subtitles seemed more faithful to the tone and spirit of the story.
I don't think I ever expected such a beautiful blend of dub , roots reggae and world music to come to my ears.
He was politicised from an early age, when he first started listening to reggae and dub music.
When it comes to music, only 18 percent say they would never dub an audio cassette or CD, even though 43 percent acknowledge that doing so is wrong.
the level of the dub can be controlled manually