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dual-purpose / двойного назначения
имя прилагательное
двойного назначения
имя прилагательное
serving two purposes or functions.
a dual-purpose hand and nail cream
Four years later the site became a dual-purpose manufacturing centre, making both bread and cakes, before the bakery focused on cake production in 1978.
The Nehru Stadium in New Delhi, which will be the athletics venue for the 2010 games, is also a dual-purpose stadium hosting football.
The trigger return spring is also quite a bit heavier than the dual-purpose unit found on the Colts and Remingtons.
His solution was to edge the garden area with a dual-purpose wall to obscure the buffer zone from the house and provide a spot to sit and enjoy the views.
Later, the ten fast battleships were in advance of their foreign contemporaries in mounting dual-purpose secondary batteries effective against both antisurface and antiaircraft targets.
Another possible solution may lie with dual-purpose machines.
Producers may also need to account for all animals, including dead ones, and feed mills will be scrutinized for cross-contamination of feeds and dual-purpose feedmills may be eliminated.
He is a fabulous walker with a great appetite for racing and we are very excited about his prospects as a dual-purpose stallion.
Ireland's neutrality precludes the manufacture of complete weapons systems for export but a growing number of companies are involved in producing sophisticated, dual-purpose electronic equipment that drives military hardware.
Add to the list a dual-purpose dress that you can wear to the office with a sexy knit (also an essential) slung over it, but which will also make you the belle of the cocktail party when you take your jumper off.