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dry-clean / подвергать химической чистке
подвергать химической чистке
clean (a garment) with an organic solvent, without using water.
I had my winter coat dry-cleaned recently
Launder or dry-clean all clothing and outerwear.
A legal secretary decided to use e-mail as a weapon to publicly humiliate her boss, who had asked her for £4 to dry-clean trousers on which she had accidentally spilled some tomato sauce.
Do I need to fumigate the entire house and dry-clean all of my clothes?
Other discharges include 37,000 gallons of oily bilge water and 15 gallons of toxic waste from dry-cleaning , painting and photograph-processing.
She was concentrating on not spilling anything on her blouse, which had been dry-cleaned the day before.
It's not a myth; dry-cleaning your clothes too often isn't a good idea.
The problem with metallics, however, is that they can't be dry-cleaned , nor are these hand-crafted costumes machine washable.
The first step is to discern which pieces should be dry-cleaned by reading the labels on your clothing.
Her dress has no label, except for the one that claims this garment should be dry-cleaned .
This type of bedding is usually very warm, and it should be dry-cleaned unless the manufacturer's label says otherwise.