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drumstick / барабанная палочка, ножка вареной птицы, ножка жареной птицы
имя существительное
барабанная палочка
ножка вареной птицы
ножка жареной птицы
имя существительное
a stick, typically with a shaped or padded head, used for beating a drum.
Michael started to drum his drumsticks against the table, bored.
By the end of his culinary voyage Steingarten felt he was able to make the finest distinctions between the virtues of any and every fried drumstick .
But when the time came for me to croon the first words, ‘Ziggy played guitar’, Neil dropped a drumstick .
Then loosen and pull out the thigh bone leaving the drumstick .
To make sure the bird is cooked thoroughly, pierce the thickest part of the drumstick and check that the juices are clear in colour.
He also had a drumstick stuck into the laces of his shoe so he could hit the cymbal on the floor.
a chicken drumstick
‘Thanks,’ he said as he wrestled a drumstick free from the turkey's glistening body.
Lunch doesn't always have to be about sandwiches - soup with crackers, a chicken drumstick with a small baguette or a pancake rolled around a piece of farmer sausage are great alternatives.
He answered the door and held a chicken drumstick in his hand.
Today, a Tyson chicken goes from egg to drumstick in as little as 8 weeks.