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drummer / барабанщик, ударник, коммивояжер
имя существительное
drummer, striker, hammer, percussionist, timpanist, shock-worker
traveling salesman, salesman, commercial traveler, tout, traveler, drummer
tramp, stroller, vagabond, vagrant, hobo, drummer
thief, burglar, prowler, drummer, gunsmith, hook
имя существительное
a person who plays a drum or drums.
The studios have pianists and sometimes drummers or other musicians who improvise as the dancers dance.
a traveling sales representative.
a drummer in electronic software
Despite wearing glasses, the drummer and bassist have very little problem fitting in.
In my first band, Bored Games, Wayne the bass player already had a bass guitar, and the drummer had some drums.
By the time Ted Leo took the stage with a drummer and a bassist as the accompanying Pharmacists all doubt was quelled.
a drummer in electronic software
They reached their instruments and the drummer gave a drum roll to signify that they were ready.
Usually a drummer plays these rhythmic ostinatos throughout a section or a whole piece, and then repeats them using improvisatory variations.
Their meeting in the cars is entirely fitting because Drouet is a creation of the city and the train, a traveling drummer for a leading Chicago dry-goods house.
That's why I can take an orchestral piece and arrange it for four melodic instruments and a drummer , and not miss anything.
The band, consisting of a drummer , a piper and a fiddler, was playing a Torrencian song she knew, and she couldn't resist trying to join in.
a drummer in electronic software