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drumbeat / барабанный бой, мгновенье
имя существительное
барабанный бой
drumbeat, drum, rataplan, rub-a-dub
имя существительное
a stroke or pattern of strokes on a drum.
she was aware of a constant, faint drumbeat
A couple of minutes later, voices struck up an accompaniment to the drumbeat .
When you listen to the drumbeat of a musical composition, it often seems that the drums are simply keeping time.
As the night melts in the heat of their music, the drumbeat reaches a crescendo.
All too often, particularly in the early days of modern dance, the class was done to the simple rhythms of a drumbeat .
One mistake listed is that in one scene the hands of a man striking drums in the background do not match up to the drumbeat on the soundtrack.
It quickly drops away to just Annie Hardy's innocent voice over a simple drumbeat and sunny synthesizer bass.
Guitars pile up and echo over a prominent, somber bassline and a locked drumbeat .
she was aware of a constant, faint drumbeat
she was aware of a constant, faint drumbeat
But the drumbeat , as the baritone voice of the narrator reminds the audience, is an inseparable part of African music.