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drugstore / аптека, аптекарский магазин
имя существительное
pharmacy, drugstore, apothecary, dispensary, chemist's shop
аптекарский магазин
имя существительное
a pharmacy that also sells toiletries and other articles.
Virtually all pharmacies, including neighborhood drugstores , sell medication in whatever quantity a physician prescribes.
Coca-Cola, originally invented by a pharmacist, it was sold in a drugstore for five cents a glass.
We stopped at one unoccupied corner near the gate, in front of a drugstore , with the two boys shielding me from view.
The next day she would secretly buy herself a hand mirror from the drugstore on the corner.
During your showers or baths this week, gently scrub your skin with a wet loofah, a natural sponge available at drugstores and natural food stores.
For much of the century, comics had traditionally been sold in drugstores and news-stands.
‘Thigh creams’ commonly sold in drugstores often don't make the grade.
Big drugstores sell over 200 types of antibiotics which account for 15 per cent of all the medicines sold and 20 per cent of sales.
Walgreens' strategy is to create ‘the best, most convenient drugstores , with high customer profit per visit,’ Collins says.
I find that supermarkets are cheaper than drugstores, and drugstores are cheaper than convenience stores.
We note when ingredients can also be bought in conventional groceries and drugstores .