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druggist / аптекарь, фармацевт
имя существительное
apothecary, druggist, chemist
pharmacist, dispenser, druggist, pharmaceutist, apothecary
имя существительное
a pharmacist or retailer of medicinal drugs.
My druggist assures me it has no narcotics, mainly Tylenol.
He knows the characters' feelings, and alternately takes on the roles of narrator, philosophical druggist , host, master of ceremonies, commentator and friend to the audience.
At the register the druggist tells her ‘If you're going to use this under your arms don't use deodorant for a few days.’
He calls the druggist and gets it fixed, but doesn't complain to the man's boss.
I know you cut it close to the wire, but I hardly think a chat with the druggist would've made much difference.
From there, Eli went home to Cerro Gordo, where he got married, became the town druggist , served as postmaster, and eventually started up three newspapers.
It took a little longer that it should have because the druggist had to check hundreds of tiny bottles until he found the right ointment.
Sales to addicts were rationalized by the realization that spurned customers could simply go to another druggist - or a street dealer.
Both would appear seven years later in It's a Wonderful Life, as Clarence the Angel and Mr. Gower, the druggist , respectively.
‘Only the druggist down at the corner,’ replied the patient.
The son of a Nottingham druggist and shopkeeper, he moved to London early in life and established himself as a publisher and editor.