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drudgery / тяжелая работа, нудная работа
имя существительное
тяжелая работа
heavy work, drudgery, slog, fag, elbow grease, moil
нудная работа
drudgery, dirty work, hackwork, horse-mill
имя существительное
hard, menial, or dull work.
domestic drudgery
As women become liberated from domestic drudgery , are they in danger of losing something fundamental?
The physical drudgery involved in the Tour is the same for any cyclist, but Millar could express it in graphic terms.
domestic drudgery
When a worker is burnt, it's a reminder that the workday drudgery , for Dad, could be fatal.
Money and luxuries were scarce in their early days and drudgery and the hard way of doing all housework, and farmwork were the order of the day.
The introduction of communal laundries and restaurants was part of lifting the daily drudgery for women in the individual home.
In as far as farm drudgery and prison could offer a good life at all, things weren't bad compared to life in British jails at the time.
In the end, the trip does not serve its purpose, and most come back haggard, with another week of drudgery awaiting them.
They both point to the physical drudgery of housework - the relentless nappy-changing, cooking and cleaning.
Is it a result of our liberation from the chains of domestic drudgery that so many women shun skirts these days?