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drudge / выполнять тяжелую работу
выполнять тяжелую работу
drudge, moil
имя существительное
a person made to do hard, menial, or dull work.
she was little more than a drudge around the house
do hard, menial, or dull work.
They needed a reason for drudging through practices with no hope for a postseason.
Gradually I became the drudge and, what's more, accepted my role as a kind of second-class citizen.
In the most memorable of all, Larkin questions a 13-year-old boy sent up from the country by his impoverished parents to drudge in a Rangoon tea shop for four dollars a month.
Tapestries, to me, had always been dim and dowdy things ravaged by time that no one but an academic drudge could like.
Saber opened the tall, ancient wooden doors with a flamboyant push, and stepped in, ready to bestow his declaration upon the inferior drudge currently polishing the hardwood floor of the room.
Jim volunteered to do the dishes, giving Blair more time to drudge through the rest of the test papers.
He was for a time obliged by poverty to drudge as a parliamentary reporter.
At no point in the story, therefore, is Pip set to be a drudge or a wage slave, though he has nothing of the gentleman about him.
Anna is a drudge , helping out at a nursery and running around her lazy father and little brother.
The image of the doting mother replaced that of the domestic drudge .
His special cruelty is expended on Smike, a half-witted lad left on his hands and employed as a drudge .