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drubbing / поражение, избиение, побои
имя существительное
defeat, lesion, beating, drubbing, reverse, checkmate
massacre, slaughter, drubbing
battery, drubbing, walloping, whipping, dusting, trimming
имя существительное
a beating; a thrashing.
I'll give the scoundrels a drubbing if I can!
hit or beat (someone) repeatedly.
With each flash a great jolt drubbed me till I thought my bones would break.
These two films took a critical drubbing from some of the more thoughtful critics, but I think they have been undervalued.
Edmondson missed last Saturday's 4-0 drubbing at Cardiff with a calf-strain and his steely determination was sorely missed by City.
She's been the hottest skip on the ice this week and impressed me from the get-go with her opening match drubbing of Team Canada.
Tony Spencer has been on the field for every Broncos match since the club's 44-10 drubbing of Manly in their NRL debut in 1988.
Bucks, who are already tipped as favourites to win the prestigious league title after a recent impressive run, face a side which embarrassed them with a 2-0 drubbing in the first round in Cape Town.
Whenever I go to London I pass by the site of the Battle of the Thames, where Tecumseh died and we administered a drubbing to you chaps.
But in today's vacuum of cinematic debate, The Brown Bunny seems hopelessly naïve, which is part of the reason for its critical drubbing .
McCall travelled with Airdrie this time last year and inflicted a 6-1 drubbing .
What is going to be the response to the critical drubbing of the Matrix sequels?
En route to the final, Japan had scored 46 goals from 4 matches, including a 21-0 drubbing of Sri Lanka.