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drown / тонуть, топить, заглушать
sink, drown, go under
heat, drown, sink, stoke, fire, stoke up
choke, drown, muffle, silence, damp, deaden
die through submersion in and inhalation of water.
she drowned in the pond
He had been beaten and left to drown in the shallow water.
In his most remarkable feat, he constructs a low-lying town in a dry lakebed only to drown it for a spectacular inundation.
I mean, it's not like a guy who wanted to murder and drown his wife on record can be said to take it easy on ex-partners.
Presented with what was effectively a vase, big enough to drown a small cat, it struck me this apparent oversight was in fact a carefully orchestrated bar-tending conspiracy.
I'm not that fast, but hey, at least I won't drown when dumped in water.
With so much information available, this site could surely be compared to deep waters you could drown in.
How could somebody both scare your horse and try to drown you?
A continuing gradual dehydration of the Earth's mantle may by then have begun to drown the ridges and to flood the surface of the planet.
She felt bad about giving them something they didn't want, but she wasn't just going to let them drown the kitten.
Many people stood around the canal and watched the thief drown in water.