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dross / окалина, шлак, отбросы
имя существительное
scale, dross, slag, cinder, calx, sinter
slag, dross, clinker, cinder, scoria, sinter
garbage, waste, scum, dregs, refuse, dross
имя существительное
something regarded as worthless; rubbish.
there are bargains if you have the patience to sift through the dross
See this and then ponder how on earth the US box office managed to generate $16 million in a single weekend from such dross .
The burgeoning multitude of reality TV programmes drives me to distraction and is a deterrent to buying services that provide even more channels dispensing the same kind of dross .
It's light-hearted fun in another week of undistinguished dross .
I'd rather clean the toilet than watch that dross .
It was my delight to watch and speak with some of the old-timers there, and one chap used to astonish me by washing his hands, scooping the dross from the surface of some molten metal, then splashing his hands in it!
Such numbers, of course, include a huge amount of dross .
there are bargains if you have the patience to sift through the dross
I went through the drawers of my dresser today, tossing out all the accumulated dross of over seven years, and then repeated the process on the study cabinets.
There is so much out there - much of it impenetrable dross .
Parts coming off the machine typically do not have dross or slag left over from the cutting process, which means less time in the electropolishing postprocess.