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dropsy / водянка, взятка
имя существительное
dropsy, edema, hydropsy, oedema
bribe, trick, graft, baksheesh, payola, dropsy
When William Withering, a Shropshire physician and botanist, heard how a man with dropsy had recovered after drinking a herbal medicine that had been brewed from foxglove, he had to know exactly how the plant had worked.
To explain Sophia's increasing size and necessary absence away from the family, the king was told that she was bloated due to dropsy and had to be sent away to recover.
We discovered two cases of cholera, one of TB, one of the dreaded lurgy while another was afflicted with a dropsy so massive we had no choice but to put him to sleep.
Mediaeval monks were aware of the benefits of salt mud and concentrated sea water and used them to treat rheumatism, dropsy and obesity.
From such examination, physicians considered that they could identify problems ranging from jaundice to dropsy , diphtheria, pregnancy, and anxiety.
I think very much that your little guy has dropsy .
She suffered from gout and dropsy for many years, though her death in 1619 was sudden.
These included abortion, asthma, dropsy , sterility, cancer, dysmenorrhea, melancholy, empyema, worms, and jaundice to name only a few.
Having recognized her symptoms as heart disease and dropsy because they led to his mother's death, he knew what could relieve her pain and gave her a medicine made from a special herb called foxglove.
It is applied against epilepsy, paralysis, dropsy , etc.