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droppings / навоз, помет животных, то, что падает каплями
имя существительное
manure, dung, muck, droppings, ordure
помет животных
то, что падает каплями
имя существительное
the excrement of certain animals, such as rodents, sheep, birds, and insects.
She said that large amounts of the virus were known to be excreted in the droppings of infected birds.
The white droppings of birds served as location pointers for eagles and vultures nesting in the craggy reaches.
rat droppings
Become familiar with what your bird's normal droppings look like before the switch.
A hotel worker dons a gas mask to keep out the stench from bird droppings while removing the nests from the rafters.
Kick aside a pile of fresh horse droppings , and a small cloud of flies is sure to explode around you.
Acid rain and rain that mixes with corrosive bird droppings also tend to do more damage.
It is transmitted through urine and droppings from infected rodents, and airborne particles.
He moved silently, on the lookout for tracks, droppings or other animal signs.
Occupied herons' nests may be readily told by numerous droppings on the ground beneath them.
Health officials attribute infections in humans to contact with the droppings of sick birds.