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droplet / капелька
имя существительное
droplet, drop, whit, splash, tittle, tiny bit
имя существительное
a very small drop of a liquid.
droplets of water
I started walking but stop when I felt a droplet of water fall on my forehead.
water droplet
Close inspection revealed a tiny droplet of water at the tip of each dangling leaf.
She rubbed her hands up and down her damp arms and flicked her head, sending droplets of water from her hair onto Charlie.
Their clothes and hair stuck to their bodies and droplets of lake water ran down their arms, legs, and faces.
A little water spilled over the blue top, speckling the darkly varnished wood with clear droplets of water.
I turned my head cautiously, just enough so that he wouldn't be able to see a silhouette of water droplets .
His skin glistening with droplets of water as he wiped himself down with a towel, then wrapped it round his middle.
As fog blows through these structures, tiny water droplets are deposited onto the net.
Large droplets will quickly drop from the air to the ground, unless they hit another surface.