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drop-off / заснуть, довезти до, высаживать
fall asleep, go to sleep, drop off, get some sleep, catch off, drop asleep
довезти до
drop off
land, set down, disembark, drop, debark, drop off
имя существительное
a decline or decrease.
a sudden drop-off in tourism
a sheer downward slope; a cliff.
dizzy drop-offs on either side
But Mr Reilly said the investigation didn't find any information that would explain the drop-off in recent complaints.
The drop-off around its margin is extraordinarily abrupt, with sheer white and salmon-pink walls extending a half mile to the lowland rain forest below.
They are relying on us to do overtime to cover shifts but if nobody comes in there's a drop-off in shifts.
We carried on to the deepest part of the quarry at 36m, keeping what seems to be the sheerest drop-off to our left.
Other health chiefs claim that the drop-off in activity is the result of new restrictions on junior doctors' hours, brought about by European regulations.
Fears are rising that the drop-off in retail confidence could lead to a further depression in corporate advertising and recruitment, delaying any economic and market recovery until later in the year.
It might have been fun if there had not been a steep drop-off on one side at all times.
It seems to me there will be a huge drop-off in production with fewer animals about and, as a consequence, reduced cereals to feed them.
He said international data showed that such charges resulted in a drop-off in visitors, and it was too difficult to differentiate between locals and other visitors when they entered.
I slowly walked towards the cliff (that wasn't actually a clear drop-off , there was a steep trail leading down to the beach).