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droop / свисать, потупить, виснуть
hang, droop, hang down, dangle, sag, trail
hang on, droop, cling to
имя существительное
incline, lean, tilt, slope, inclination, droop
decrease, reduction, drop, falling, degradation, droop
exhaustion, prostration, collapse, droop
имя существительное
an act or instance of drooping; a limp or weary attitude.
the exhausted droop of her shoulders
bend or hang downward limply.
a long black cloak drooped from his shoulders
In that swift glance, she acknowledged the sleepy glaze in those brilliant green eyes, the slight droop to her shoulders.
The bill is relatively short and fine-tipped, with a slight droop at the end.
If you get an eyebrow droop , it goes away very quickly.
A trace of a smile lifted the corners of her full lips and the petulant droop disappeared.
The artist works from precisely the same footmarks every day; the slow droop of the ripening fruit is marked with painful precision, day by day.
the exhausted droop of her shoulders
There was a look of sorrow and concern in her eyes, emphasised by a slight droop of her mouth.
Minimizing the droop would enable the shaft to deliver the clubhead to the ball in a more consistent and efficient manner.
My upper lids had acquired a permanent droop and there were bags below them.
Her eyes began to droop and dark half-moons hung underneath.