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drone / гудеть, бездельничать, жужжать
buzz, hum, hoot, drone, boom, beep
sit back, laze, idle, loaf, dawdle, drone
buzz, hum, whir, whirr, zizz, drone
имя существительное
hum, drone, boom, ping
drone, male bee, dog-bee
беспилотный самолет
drone, robot plane
имя существительное
a low continuous humming sound.
he nodded off to the drone of the car engine
a male bee in a colony of social bees, which does no work but can fertilize a queen.
According to scientific descriptions, a honeybee colony consists of one queen, several thousand worker bees, and at certain times of the year, a few to several thousand drones , or male bees.
a remote-controlled pilotless aircraft or missile.
The EU lacks heavy-lift aircraft, attack helicopters, fighter/ground attack aircraft, and unmanned drones , and has to rely on American spy satellites for basic intelligence.
make a continuous low humming sound.
in the far distance a machine droned
The marching of our feet rings out in unison, an endless drone accompanied by the clattering hooves of the knights' horses.
The drone begins to sound similar to a vacuum cleaner sucking up all the surrounding life.
Track two of this CD starts with a low drone and the sound of rain falling gently.
he nodded off to the drone of the car engine
We were silent for a few moments, the drone of the lesson buzzing like a fly in my ears.
the drone rose by a third to A
In fact, most serious energy enthusiasts are keen to distance themselves from those wacky New Age types who drone on about our energy fields being affected by karmic laws.
Colonel Donovan could hear the resonating booms above the noisy drone of the plane's engine.
Noises such as the drone of cicadas, the crackling of branches, flies buzzing, and the calls of birds had drowned out in her thoughts.
Viceroy's voice was still a monotonous drone , and I wanted to slap him just to see that he could still talk and/or yell with emotion.