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droll / забавный, чудной, смешной
имя прилагательное
funny, amusing, entertaining, humorous, droll, comical
strange, oddball, odd, droll, flaky, comical
funny, ridiculous, ludicrous, comical, laughable, droll
имя существительное
buffoon, mountebank, zany, droll, mummer, mugger
jester, buffoon, clown, fool, mountebank, droll
joke, jest, trifle, fun, droll, rally
имя прилагательное
curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement.
his unique brand of droll self-mockery
имя существительное
a jester or entertainer; a buffoon.
When English replaced Cornish as the language of Cornwall, the drolls' stories began to die out as the Cornish drolls died.
Though not slapstick or of the knee-slapping variety, Hamer is droll and often wickedly subtle in his deadly strain of humour.
He's rather droll when he frames his request, but it's a sincere one.
No matter how serious the topics, there will always be instances when it's impossible not to smile, so droll are the minimalist observations and asides.
Ferguson was sympathetic enough about his stricken team-mate, but could not resist a bit of droll humour.
The tabloids did their thing, were quite droll about it.
If you're looking for a nice enough, quirky and droll adventure film that you won't remember on Monday, then here's your movie.
Of course, the jokes are all on backwoods Southerners, so if that isn't an amusing subject to you, don't pick up this droll satire.
The duke was characteristically droll about his political career.
They're droll , yet morbid, featuring amusing little colorful happy people behaving with perfect presence of mind as their 747 ditches into the Atlantic.
Surely the man who dispatched such droll rejection slips to thousands of chagrined writers should not be too dismayed to find himself paid back in kind-albeit with, as editors are wont to say, sincere regrets.