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drogue / плавучий якорь, буек, прикрепленный к гарпуну
имя существительное
плавучий якорь
drogue, sea anchor, water anchor, drag-anchor
буек, прикрепленный к гарпуну
имя существительное
a device, typically conical or funnel-shaped with open ends, towed behind a boat, aircraft, or other moving object to reduce speed or improve stability.
‘When a storm hits, we'll put the drogue out, batten down and see it out,’ said Tim.
The 767 aircraft can be modified to accommodate refuelling wingpods and a centreline hose for probe and drogue refuelling.
The Viking crew verified the trailing-wire antenna was in and the drogue seated.
The winch would have to have some kind of rewind capability and a small drogue to ensure it couldn't recoil into the tug's propeller.
In the drill the second aircraft plugs its fuel connection pipe into the fuel drogue trailed by the lead aircraft.
I fly fast approaches 99% of the time but in Croatia I was amazed at how secure this wing executed slow RLF approaches with and without a drogue .
We disengaged the drogue and moved to the right side of our lead's aircraft.
Most of our aerial gunnery exercises consisted of firing at a drogue or target (a canvas cylinder approximately 12 feet long and 4 feet in diameter) which was towed about a hundred yards behind the single engined, high winged Lysander plane.
The drogue itself is fitted with small lights around the perimeter to help night operations.
‘When a storm hits, we'll put the drogue out, batten down and see it out,’ said Tim.
A shuttlecock drogue can be trailed behind the boom and used to refuel aircraft equipped with refuelling probes.