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drizzle / моросить
drizzle, spit
имя существительное
drizzle, drizzling, mizzle, mizzling
мелкий дождь
drizzle, sprinkle
rain lightly.
it's started to drizzle
имя существительное
light rain falling in very fine drops.
Boston will be cloudy with patchy drizzle
Scotland will be cloudy with patchy drizzle
Weather forecasters said today would be cloudy with some patchy drizzle throughout the morning.
Lay them in a single layer on a baking sheet, and drizzle them with a thin stream of olive oil - it doesn't take much.
By mid-day the soft drizzle became a steady downpour, a rain that fell through sunset and then created damp clouds of fog under the street lights.
It was dark out, and a steady drizzle of rain fell upon them as the numbness wore away.
Peel off the skin (sometimes it lifts off with the crust), and serve the fish with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and lemon wedges.
For me, the worst scenario was a light misting drizzle or light snowfall, combined with a hard uphill push.
For this reason, thick drizzle , or even light or small droplet rain, may either not be adequately represented, or not picked up at all!
Light drizzle is falling, but the players stay on court.
Boston will be cloudy with patchy drizzle