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driver / драйвер, водитель, машинист
имя существительное
driver, skinner
driver, machinist, engineer, engine driver, mechanic, motorman
имя существительное
a person who drives a vehicle.
a taxi driver
a wheel or other part in a mechanism that receives power directly and transmits motion to other parts.
All the drivers and the trailing wheel down one side are to be equalized in one system, and the same down the other side, for the other two points.
a factor that causes a particular phenomenon to happen or develop.
the hope of achieving such monopolies becomes the main driver of investment
a golf club with a flat face and wooden head, used for driving from the tee.
If you hit 10 golf balls at the driving range with your driver , you'll improve by the eighth swing or so.
The driver whistled to the mules and they slowed to a steady walk.
Some of the greens were so steeply sloped that the ball didn't stop, and you had to get your driver out to putt it back uphill.
He strode boldly up the bank towards the mule driver and tipped his hat.
The veteran managed to go to the top of the leaderboard despite using her driver on only eight occasions.
construction was the main driver of the economy
In one typical environment, the learning programmable limit switch is connected to an output shaft of a driver .
This is convenient but not the main driver behind the change.
Play with golf-themed tokens including a golf cart, a driver , a putter and a bucket of balls!
the driver of the train was uninjured
On a flat and wide fairway, use your driver , and record the distances of each ball.