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drivel / чушь, бред, бессмыслица
имя существительное
nonsense, rubbish, drivel, garbage, hooey, tripe
rave, delirium, ravings, drivel, ramble, wanderings
nonsense, drivel, abracadabra, haver, Jabberwocks, Jabberwocky
пороть чушь
нести чепуху
drool, prate, drivel
распустить слюни
имя существительное
silly nonsense.
don't talk such drivel!
talk nonsense.
he was driveling on about the glory days
let saliva or mucus flow from the mouth or nose; dribble.
The elder is ever drivelling , the younger never has any salival discharge.
But kids talk a lot, and as well as the usual gossipy drivel , I can't help but hear them spill a remarkable amount of private information that would horrify their parents.
To ban smoking breaks and then insult workers by talking drivel about acupuncture is complete and utter nonsense.
What we are hearing now is just total drivel and rubbish.
I'd hand-write sheets and sheets of inane drivel and daily nonsense to all and sundry.
I happen to think that you drivel on quite nicely.
don't talk such drivel!
In one he said: ‘I started to look at this point by point but it is drivel .’
Now we'll see the difference between banal mass-market drivel and true untutored garbage.
Then he comes into this House, along with his colleagues, and talks a lot of drivel and absolute nonsense.
I don't mean to knock my own writing, but in all honesty, if I can write a better manuscript about my experiences with bipolar disorder, there's no way this drivel should be in print.