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drive-through / проехать
имя прилагательное
denoting a facility through or to which one can drive, especially to be served without leaving one's car.
a drive-through car wash
имя существительное
a place or facility where one can be served without leaving one's car.
The boxes expanded from their usual spots on city street corners to motel lobbies, resorts and fast-food drive-throughs .
If they could, they would like it to be a drive-through .
So if you think drive-through coffee shops are a good idea, maybe you should start looking for prospective sites near petrol stations in your area.
The drive-through cashiers at different restaurants would share a manager and so forth.
He approached a car queueing at the drive-through , reached through the window and grabbed a gold chain from round the driver's neck.
There's also proposals for a drive-through restaurant, close to the credit union.
The plant's six drive-through bays can receive up to 1 million pounds of milk per hour from trucks arriving on a continuous basis.
They're right beside churches with drive-through confessionals.
The bank, with drive-through teller lanes, carries a construction cost of $1.15 million.
Though these drive-through detectors are good for quick scans at busy seaports and border crossings, they don't convey much specific information.
Plans show a 6,800-square-foot branch with eight drive-through lanes on 3.27 acres.