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drive-in / кино под открытым небом, магазин для автомобилистов, банк для автомобилистов
имя существительное
кино под открытым небом
drive-in, drive-in motion picture theater
магазин для автомобилистов
банк для автомобилистов
имя существительное
a facility one can visit without leaving one's car.
Maybe it was a blip in history, with drive-ins and soda fountains, that's gone for good.
имя прилагательное
denoting a facility such as a restaurant that one can visit without leaving one's car.
it looked like the screen from an old drive-in theater
Many new features appeared on the landscape such as drive-in cinemas, service stations and shopping malls.
Also included are various advertisements that were common to drive-in theaters, and some of these are downright hilarious.
A spokesman for Asda said the store will be the first in the world to have a drive-in cinema, and even its parent company in America - Walmart - does not have one.
News that York is to become home to Britain's first drive-in cinema was welcomed by local people today.
The best part about Sidney's drive-in theater is that about five years ago a really big storm hit and blew half of the screen down.
Other farmers look out, see earth, and perceive many different possibilities - from farming, to owning land, to building drive-in theaters.
Well when I was married, on my honeymoon we went on a Friday or Saturday night to a drive-in theatre.
She also helped out at the drive-in movie theater run by her mother.
It also has a drive-in facility with a capacity for 50 cars.
From the drive-in theater to telephone dating to Internet-based auctions, innovation has been a principal driver of consumer adoption of a new technology.