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drive-by / попутной
имя прилагательное
(of a shooting or other act) carried out from a passing vehicle.
a drive-by shooting
имя существительное
a shooting carried out from a passing vehicle.
We've had several incidents where they've used drive-bys and actually have gone and assassinated people in their homes.
Those who knew us knew, as I refused to yield my gunman position in the drive-by , that they couldn't dissuade me.
Otherwise, what would be the purpose of a drive-by if the target wasn't hit?
The same vehicle is alleged to have been involved in two other taxi related drive-by shootings in the region within the last month.
The rank was closed last week and 13 taximen arrested after several minibus taxis were damaged in a drive-by shooting.
An explosion in drug-related murders and drive-by shootings made national news and gave the area a fearsome reputation.
But I realized that the father's grief was the same as it would be if his son had been killed in an auto accident or shot in a random drive-by shooting.
Two taxi drivers were killed last night and four people, including a bystander, were injured in two separate drive-by shootings.
OK, so the reporter did some drive-by reporting.
You don't answer… she thinks you've been killed in a drive-by .
Guerrillas detonated two bombs, and carried out two drive-by shootings and a stabbing in a little over an hour.