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drip / капать, стекать, капнуть
drip, dribble, drop, trickle, distil, distill
flow down, drip, gutter
drip, drop
имя существительное
dripping, drip, trickling, dribble
dripstone, drip, beak, drip molding, label, larmier
drip, rain
имя существительное
a small drop of a liquid.
she put the bucket on top of the dresser to catch the drips
a weak and ineffectual person.
I probably sound a bit of a drip , but I feel I'm in this permanent hallucinogenic state.
a projection or groove on the underside of a cornice, windowsill, or molding that prevents rain from running down the wall below.
Ms Tooth said in her statement that the remedial work carried out was the same as that for the residences, the installation of extension drips to the copings.
let fall or be so wet as to shed small drops of liquid.
the faucet won't stop dripping
Take the sponge, run it under hot water, get a drip of washing up liquid (there must be detergent for a thorough wash) onto the scrubby side of the sponge.
His drip runs out; the same nurse has to restart it.
I probably sound a bit of a drip , but I feel I'm in this permanent hallucinogenic state.
I dropped about half a drip of water from the kettle on my socked foot a few days ago - by accident and I hardly felt it.
he had been on a drip for several days
Aside from the soft murmur of the pale man speaking to the hooded one and the occasional drip of some liquid, it was positively silent.
I hope that drip isn't still pursuing you
Mary woke briefly from her dreams when the night nurse came in to see if she was doing all right and to make a small change in the settings of the drip in her arm.
If not properly seasoned, cast iron pans will drip dark liquid into food.
Colin woke up to the drip of water falling at the end of his bed.