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drinkable / годный для питья
имя прилагательное
годный для питья
drinkable, potable
имя прилагательное
(of a liquid) fit to drink; potable.
a supply of drinkable water
In rural areas, few people have access to drinkable water.
Finding drinkable Pinot Noir from New Zealand for under £ 6 is almost impossible.
In restaurants, I think it is pretty sure to assume the water in the glass is drinkable .
Almost a liquid confection, this huge, fleshy wine, drinkable now, will still have appeal in five years.
You didn't have to carry water because the water in the bush was drinkable .
What is special to the northern region is Marzemino, which produces a light, fruity and very drinkable red wine.
A purification process then makes the water drinkable .
I keep thinking how lucky we are to have clean drinkable water come out of the tap.
Moreover, the better restaurants, such as the Steak House, serve decent food and very drinkable wine.
Each day, 50 million additional gallons of treated, drinkable water are being pumped to the Baghdad residents.