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drink-driving / вождение в нетрезвом виде
French police found that Paul was over the legal limit for drink-driving at the time of the crash.
He also admitted riding without a driving licence and insurance, and had previous convictions for drink-driving .
She had been due to be sentenced for two drink-driving related offences committed while she was already banned for a third.
It is equated with drink-driving , and the motoring organisations are not doing enough to restore a more balanced view.
Most drug use is associated with excessive use of alcohol, so we will usually charge people with drink-driving .
She was charged with drink-driving and pleaded guilty before magistrates, and was sentenced to a month in jail.
Don't consume more than the permitted alcohol allowance to avoid drink-driving .
When it comes to drink-driving , we all know the legal limits, but how can we similarly measure tiredness?
More motorists were caught drink-driving in Greater Manchester this Christmas.
He has been released on bail, pending analysis of a blood sample, for drink-driving .