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drily / сухо, холодно
dry, drily, chilly
coldly, chilly, icily, frigidly, frostily, drily
The dialogue is laconic, direct, sometimes drily humorous.
‘How very observant’, he said drily
‘There was also,’ said Aunt Emily, drily , ‘the matter that you have, apparently, skipped a few classes.’
This is possibly the most acutely perceptive (and drily humorous) political film ever made.
Evans swallowed drily
‘We call it the belly of the beast,’ she dryly remarks.
Katie commented dryly , ‘Do you think that matters?’
Norwood, swallowing dryly , ran back across the main street.
He feels very self-conscious and swallows dryly , clearing his throat.
‘I suppose I'm an ex-shareholder now,’ he says dryly .