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drill / сверло, дрель, упражнение
имя существительное
drill, bit, auger, borer, perforator
exercise, drill, practice, study, gymnastics, exercitation
drill, bore, pick
drill, bore, cut
drill, bore, chamber, scoop
имя существительное
a hand tool, power tool, or machine with a rotating cutting tip or reciprocating hammer or chisel, used for making holes.
Most of the project requires basic wood-working tools - a circular saw, a saber saw, an electric drill , a hammer, and a nail set.
instruction or training in military exercises.
parade-ground drill
a predatory mollusk that bores into the shells of other mollusks in order to feed on the soft tissue.
It must still run a gauntlet of periwinkles, oyster drills , and mud and basket snails, most of which leave egg masses that cover any undeveloped real estate on the shell.
a machine that makes small furrows, sows seed in them, and then covers the sown seed.
The seed can be broadcast and harrowed, lightly disked, or seeded with a grain drill .
a dark brown baboon with a short tail and a naked blue or purple rump, found in the rain forests of West Africa.
Drills once congregated by the thousands in the rainforest. Now they are among the rarest primates.
produce (a hole) in something by or as if by boring with a drill.
drill holes through the tiles for the masonry pins
subject (someone) to military training exercises.
a sergeant was drilling new recruits
(of a person or machine) sow (seed) with a drill.
crops drilled in autumn
The selection of medium or small seed when using a grain drill will improve metering and stand uniformity.
They disdain combat re-enactment, opting instead to show authentic training skills, precision marching and parade ground drill , to Latin commands.
I had my cordless drill with attachments, flat tip screwdriver and a claw hammer.
drill holes through the tiles for the masonry pins
The seed can be broadcast and harrowed, lightly disked, or seeded with a grain drill .
Military drill and discipline, as well as seamanship are still part of the book.
Virtually every book published is a library-bound hard cover edition, side-sewen and reinforced with cotton drill .
Our kids had been rushed out of school in an emergency drill .
Seeding with a disc drill in a loose seedbed almost guarantees disaster and should probably be delayed until there is moisture.
They made them drill and drill until each exercise was preformed in unison and with military precision.