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driftwood / плавник, сплавной лес, лес, прибитый к берегу моря
имя существительное
fin, flipper, drift-wood, paddle
сплавной лес
лес, прибитый к берегу моря
имя существительное
pieces of wood that are floating on the sea or have been washed ashore.
Not much of it has been at sea for long - not real good mantelpiece driftwood, more like firewood driftwood .
Props are many and various, including statues, pieces of driftwood , rusty farm tools, wind chimes, etc.
They are often seen perched on fence posts or pieces of driftwood .
Her painting was predominantly abstract, and her sculpture often made use of found items such as pieces of driftwood , which she used in painted constructions.
Finally she rose from the piece of driftwood and walked away down the ledge, offering no explanation to the others.
She sat down on a piece of driftwood that sat on the beach, and looked out to sea.
Maybe there would even be a few pieces of decent driftwood .
The ocean would rush away, leaving the sandy beach full of crabs and clams, seaweed and driftwood , shells and stones.
But all he had were some notes he'd made, which described finding the man lying like a piece of driftwood on the beach.
a fire made of driftwood
In the hall there is a marvellous wood feature, carved out of a piece of driftwood that came down the river.