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drifter / бродяга, дрифтер, никчемный человек
имя существительное
tramp, stroller, vagabond, vagrant, hobo, drifter
никчемный человек
dud, deadwood, duffer, drifter, wet, nebbish
имя существительное
a person who is continually moving from place to place, without any fixed home or job.
Her songs are peopled with drifters , ramblers, old lovers.
a fishing boat equipped with a drift net.
Other chapters in this informative book cover the drift-net; trawling in the west coast of Scotland lochs; the Scottish east coast fishers in the days of sail; steam drifters and more recent fishing methods.
Salvation seems to arrive in the form of a drifter that Tim meets at the bar, a fellow who helps him cover up the killing.
It's difficult for me to believe a transient, a drifter comes in off the street - the alarm doesn't go off, the dog doesn't bark, nobody screams, she goes back to get her shoes, leaves without a trace.
He was rescued in turn by a trawler, a drifter and a British destroyer - twice employing his pigeons.
I heard that she took a job as night security somewhere, until she busted a drifter that wandered into her area.
Instead, it became a magnet for mainly white drifters and broken families.
U-boats were attacked by aircraft, airships, Q-ships, mines, drifters , Naval vessels (including submarines) and merchant ships.
His victims are invisible, unlikely to be missed: prostitutes, drifters , bottom-feeders.
With betting banished from Texas, anybody wanting to earn a living from racing headed to New Mexico, where the tracks attracted a colourful assortment of chancers, drifters and apprentice horsemen.
These are not drifters or unemployed loners tempted into a life of terrorism by the promise of money or glory; rather, most of them had good jobs.
Many thousands arrived on the Norfolk coast and on light-vessels and drifters offshore.