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dribble / капать, вести мяч, гнать шар в лузу
drip, dribble, drop, trickle, distil, distill
вести мяч
гнать шар в лузу
имя существительное
drop, blob, bead, dribble, ounce, spot
streamlet, rill, brooklet, dribble, runnel, burn
моросящий дождь
имя существительное
a thin stream of liquid; a trickle.
a dribble of blood
(in soccer, hockey, and basketball) an act or instance of taking the ball forward with repeated slight touches or bounces.
He is taking the ball to the basket aggressively and making plays off the dribble for his teammates.
(of a liquid) fall slowly in drops or a thin stream.
rain dribbled down the window
(chiefly in soccer, field hockey, and basketball) take (the ball) forward past opponents with slight touches of the feet or the stick, or (in basketball) by continuous bouncing.
he attempted to dribble the ball from the goal area
A dribble of saliva clung to his chin, but he didn't seem to mind.
He is a good midrange shooter, runs the floor extremely well and can heat power forwards off the dribble .
He'll have to do the one thing he seemed most afraid to do in the past two years: attack the basket on the dribble .
It was a relay event in which a group of basketball players dribble the ball for a short distance, where another group of players takes over, and the relay continues.
a dribble of blood
He paced the maze of corridors to the small conference room and burst into the room with a dribble of sweat trickling down his forehead.
He's an awesome athlete, knows how to play above the rim, and can take any Power Forward off the dribble .
You want to try to make the point guard dribble the ball at least three or four times.
If a player couldn't use the side of the ball to accelerate his dribble , we might never see another layup.
For the waterfall fan there was a six-foot dribble , and a good walk finished in dappled sunlight and the hum of large hoverflies.