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drew / рисовать, привлекать, проводить
draw, depict, design, pencil, depicture, feature
attract, engage, draw, invite, appeal, draw on
spend, conduct, carry out, hold, lead, carry
produce (a picture or diagram) by making lines and marks, especially with a pen or pencil, on paper.
he drew a map
pull or drag (something such as a vehicle) so as to make it follow behind.
a cart drawn by two horses
extract (an object or liquid) from a container or receptacle.
he drew his gun and peered into the gloomy apartment
be the cause of (a specified response).
he drew criticism for his lavish spending
hit (the ball) so that it travels slightly to the left (for a left-handed player, the right), usually as a result of spin given to the ball.
he had to learn to draw the ball—not least for the tee shots at Augusta