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dressmaker / портниха
имя существительное
dressmaker, seamstress, modiste
имя существительное
a person whose job is making women's clothes.
At the same time there were harness makers, tailors, dressmakers , builders, blacksmiths, wheelwrights, watchmakers, saddlers, masons and carpenters.
Both my grandmothers worked for pay - one as a dressmaker and seamstress and the other as a children's nurse in an orphanage and eventually as a small businessperson.
One way we learnt decision making was through the visits of the dressmaker who came to the house and made our clothes.
But if you can't afford the king's ransom needed to buy one finger of a glove, then do what I did: take photos of the outfits and get a dressmaker to make them for you.
He was the second oldest of nine children born to John and Mary Ann Quinn, a shoemaker and a talented dressmaker respectively.
Along with dance lessons, there were trips and trips to the dressmaker to have my costumes made and fitted.
More often than not, I must hire a dressmaker to alter my clothes.
Female solo costumes might seem overpriced until you consider that a dressmaker spends 80 to 120 hours on a single costume.
Agreeing to let a dressmaker sew you a blazer will only end in tears.
The group consists of 3 families, including seven children and six adults, among them a mechanic, a dressmaker and a teacher, according to the National Justice Secretary.
Luckily for me, Will's Grandmother was a professional dressmaker , and as such was willing to put my costume together.