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dressing-down / головомойка, выговор, порка
имя существительное
dressing down, severe scolding
rebuke, reprimand, pronunciation, scolding, reproof, demerit
flogging, smacking, thrashing, beating, lashing, hiding
имя существительное
a severe reprimand.
the secretary received a public dressing-down
I fully understand that most of you read this from work, and that an extra five minutes of reading time may make the difference between continued employment and a stern dressing-down from the chief.
Had it been reversed, I would have been dragged into his office and given a dressing-down ; I cannot do that.
Young medical staff who bare their midriffs got a dressing-down yesterday.
Angela delivers a dressing-down that is fierce but remarkably subtle.
Reports suggest he has had occasion to shed the gentlemanly demeanour and give miscreants a good dressing-down .
Already, however, she is conspicuous enough for a good old-fashioned British dressing-down .
Did I deserve this dressing-down , or is someone indulging in an egotistical rant?
He then gave his teammate a severe dressing-down .
He was right to give him a dressing-down .
But a dressing-down from him was something that would be etched in anyone's memory, still fresh after 40 years.