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drench / мочить, вливать лекарство, пропитывать
wet, soak, drench, moisten, water, ret
вливать лекарство
impregnate, soak, permeate, saturate, penetrate, drench
имя существительное
drench, soaking
shower, downpour, rainfall, cloudburst, deluge, drench
проливной дождь
driving rain, soaker, pelting rain, drench
wet thoroughly; soak.
I fell in the stream and got drenched
forcibly administer a drug in liquid form orally to (an animal).
‘It was a time when in-calf cows were drenched with a certain product to prevent milk fever,’ he says.
имя существительное
a dose of medicine administered to an animal.
In the current study, the vitamin E drench was composed of d-alpha tocopherol (free form).
Do not drench an animal when you can administer the necessary medicine in any other way.
a worming drench
In the current study, the vitamin E drench was composed of d-alpha tocopherol (free form).
a drench of sack
I think that drug was a cattle drench to start off with; I think that is where it originated.
After the firm who supplied the drench paid out compensation, Jim went to a stud breeder and asked to buy a heifer for the same amount.
As soon as the other side has browned, she grabbed up some pancakes, drenching them in maple syrup, and some Cool Whip that was resting on the counter.
Spray colognes work best when you spray the air, and then walk through the mist of musk, as opposed to drenching your skin with smell.
Startled, he stumbled back, suddenly aware of the fact he was thoroughly drenched by the rain.
Say the club season ran from February to October, though, and the bulk of the fixtures would be played on firm pitches with possibly even a bit of sun drenching the players' backs.