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dregs / отбросы, подонки
имя существительное
garbage, waste, scum, dregs, refuse, offal
dregs, vermin, lees, refuse, offscouring, dross
имя существительное
the remnants of a liquid left in a container, together with any sediment or grounds.
coffee dregs
Easy as it would be to dismiss them as fools or worse, they are not the dregs of society but instead the wrong people in the wrong circumstance.
‘Oh well,’ I say, draining the dregs of my coffee.
Why, he couldn't discern… he took a gulp of tea until only the dregs remained.
coffee dregs
They are the dregs of humanity - the absolute scum of the earth - who see someone with a different colour of skin as a target for death.
the dregs of society
She couldn't imagine going back to tending bar for the dregs of society.
Others are, quite frankly, the dregs of society.
He drained the last of his coffee dregs and got up.
The political landscape may not have been irretrievably transformed, but we at last have a breed of politicians who have a chance to prove they can do better than ‘the dregs of society’.