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dredge / драгировать, посыпать, углублять
sprinkle, strew, dredge, scatter, spritz, powder
deepen, dredge, recess, sink
имя существительное
excavator, digger, shovel, dredge, power shovel, dredger
dredge, drag, creep, creeper, tangle
suspension, suspended matter, dredge
имя существительное
an apparatus for bringing up objects or mud from a river or seabed by scooping or dragging.
She could spend a morning describing how the Army Corps of Engineers, with massive dredges , keeps the rivers flowing along the paths shown on maps.
clean out the bed of (a harbor, river, or other area of water) by scooping out mud, weeds, and rubbish with a dredge.
If more effort were put into ensuring rivers and watercourses were properly dredged and cleared of weed and vegetation, it may have helped to contain the water, he said.
sprinkle (food) with a powdered substance, typically flour or sugar.
dredge the bananas with sugar and cinnamon
‘We are also aiming at improving the quality of the environment by organizing a number of programs to dredge rivers, and reduce foul water and vehicle emissions,’ he said.
Cut chicken into 1/2 inch pieces and dredge in all-purpose flour.
The dredge returned from 1,600 meters under the sea filled with live mussels and fresh sulfide minerals.
They should not have waited so long when the rainy season is upon us to dredge rivers and prepare for flooding.
Season chicken thighs with salt and pepper to taste and dredge in flour.
Season the frog's legs with salt and pepper and dredge in the flour.
Season the catfish and dredge in flour, patting off any excess.
He said a dredge is being used to bring up wreckage submerged under 11m of water.
Brush the pie with milk and dredge with caster sugar.
dredge the bananas with sugar and cinnamon