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dreamy / мечтательный, сказочный, восхитительный
имя прилагательное
dreamy, visionary, moony, fanciful, faraway, starry-eyed
fairy, fairytale, dreamlike, dreamy, fabled, fab
delightful, delicious, lovely, adorable, delectable, dreamy
имя прилагательное
(of a person) not practical; given to daydreaming.
a dreamy boy who grew up absorbed in poetry
I awoke in a swirly world of snug pillows and dreamy thoughts.
Illuminated only by moonlight, pale flowers and foliage add a dreamy , ethereal quality to the garden.
Shane snapped out of his dreamy mood and took a glance at his hand.
But while the most appealing of clowns is Pierrot, pale, lean and dreamy , with cooks, at least until recently, the popular one was the fat guy.
Arrigo was also dark, but his features were outlined by a sort of delicate grace that had evolved from adorable to dreamy as he'd grown up.
With all the other, regular, light switches turned to off; it made the room look magical and dreamy .
Both had such a luxurious, dreamy quality to them.
He's a dreamy boy, in love with Zubeida, who comes from a wealthier background.
The same might be said for pleasant feelings: while meditating one might feel sleepy and dreamy , and one is moved automatically to follow and indulge such feelings.
Stefan's fingers and body grow tenser and tenser as the music reaches its climax, and Lisa's mood changes from dreamy to annoyed to worried as Stefan gets entangled in a difficult passage.