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dreamland / мир грез, сказочная страна
имя существительное
мир грез
dreamland, dreamworld, cloudland, cloud-world, cloud-cuckoo-land, cloud-cuckoo-town
сказочная страна
fairyland, dreamland, dreamworld, cloudland, cloud-world, dream-country
имя существительное
sleep regarded as a world of dreams.
she tries to lull herself into dreamland
Asha wished she could do the same, forget about everything and sleep, drift off to dreamland where nothing like this existed and it was all perfect.
Don't depend on diversions like TV to lull you into dreamland , either.
This is just pathetic, and is further evidence of the dreamland that California is living in.
Head there during the day, and you will think you are in some kind of narcissistic, hedonistic dreamland .
Head over to Command Post, where they have been quite busy all night while I was in dreamland .
It's going to cost me about $400 to have this lady spend two 10-hour nights at my house, giving me rest and a way forward into dreamland for us all.
In case you are wondering why the Church did not choose a venue in the South, you must be living in dreamland .
It was a gorgeous set; it looked like an enchanted dreamland at the romantic edge of a golden heaven.
Knowing this she allowed sleep to claim her and carry her away into dreamland .
The sounds of the waves lapping against the pilings would quickly lull Lily to dreamland , especially since she hadn't slept well the night before.