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dread / страх, боязнь, опасения
имя существительное
fear, awe, terror, fright, dread, anxiety
fear, phobia, dread, anxiety
fear, be afraid, dread, stand in awe of, be shy, have a dread of
fear, dread, tremble
fear, apprehend, dread, tremble
имя прилагательное
terrible, fearful, horrible, frightful, frightening, dread
terrible, horrible, awful, appalling, dreadful, dread
имя существительное
great fear or apprehension.
the thought of returning to New Jersey filled her with dread
a person with dreadlocks.
Black, white, gay, straight, punks, dreads , skinheads, boys and girls, we had totally connected with militant anti-racist youth.
anticipate with great apprehension or fear.
Jane was dreading the party
имя прилагательное
greatly feared; dreadful.
he was stricken with the dread disease and died
If you're ready to live like a hermit for a while, you'll probably not be unlucky enough to catch the dread disease before it becomes widely known.
When I worked for the Labour Party we used to dread Easter week more than any other.
To the very degree that the countdown to his departure next summer seems, for years, to have be anticipated with a mix of fear and dread by the Celtic faithful.
And we dread to think how much money was paid to consultants to dream up this nonsense.
We still suggest woolen hoods for the Fourth of July picnics, but you can open a window now without fear of dread contagion.
Is the experience associated with fear, dread , or elation?
Immigration officers fill me with fear and dread .
You may dread going, fearing that you'll wind up weeping in public.
And of course, revolution is coached in freedom or change, while terrorism is intended to instill fear and evoke dread .
By 1957, another dread disease was all but conquered: acute anterior poliomyelitis, which might cripple for life those it did not kill.