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dray / телега, подвода
имя существительное
cart, dray, wain, float
cart, dray
имя существительное
a truck or cart for delivering beer barrels or other heavy loads, especially a low one without sides.
It is 30 years since Major John Bartholomew, former Wadworth chairman, decided to reintroduce shire horses to pull the drays that deliver beer to licensed premises in the town.
When you finished selling your load at a shilling a bag, you could lie down and fall asleep in the dray and the auld horse would make his own way home.
For Mr Bartholomew, the chairman of Devizes-based Wadworth, went to pick up Ms Marsden on Thursday in a brewery dray done out in all its finery.
They are likely to be back on the streets soon pulling the dray with the equipment to water the summer hanging baskets.
The dray will be the one that came with the first horses brought in by Major John Bartholomew and it is currently being given a fresh coat of paint in the company's paint shop in Northgate Street.
A dray and shire horses were used to ferry Father Christmas across the brewery town centre to his grotto in the Boys' Sunday School, next to the church.
Police stopped traffic so the dray could make a leisurely way through to St John's Street.
In 1869 a Jesse Peel took over, installed a brewing plant and also sold beer wholesale on a dray .
The day was supported by Fullers Brewery who sent their dray (and a large quantity of beer!).
One pair of heavy draught animals with a heavy truck could pull as much as four one-horse drays .
He also said that a number of the drays that deliver the beer have been ‘debadged’ in a cost-saving measure.