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drawn-out / удлиненный, вытянутый, длительный
имя прилагательное
elongate, oblong, long, lengthened, longer, drawn-out
extended, stretched, elongate, prolate, oblong, drawn-out
long, durable, prolonged, longer, extended, drawn-out
имя прилагательное
lasting or seeming to last longer than is necessary.
a long-drawn-out courtship
Still, many observers agreed: Inside the drawn-out epic was a good hour and a half waiting to get out.
The fourth is the slow, drawn-out demise of Soho itself.
Since then, the necessary drawn-out processes added to the personal anguish that he's clearly suffered.
It is necessary to prepare for a drawn-out political conflict.
I am hoping that this delivery policy is an unusual one, because if it isn't I then this move is going to be even more drawn-out than it already promises to be.
She rightly gave Bush credit for the effectiveness of his rhetoric and for telling the country it would be a messy, drawn-out conflict.
We haven't set a deadline but negotiations are taking place with potential purchasers and we don't expect it to be a long, drawn-out process.
Our under-21 team had just two games in the East Kerry competition, which was a drawn-out affair.
And by this point, the process became so slow and drawn-out that they were ineffective.
A drawn-out legal battle will eat into your time and certainly affect your studies, assuming that you care about such things.