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drawl / протяжное произношение, медлительность речи
имя существительное
протяжное произношение
медлительность речи
растягивать слова
говорить протяжно
имя существительное
a slow, lazy way of speaking or an accent with unusually prolonged vowel sounds.
a Texas drawl
speak in a slow, lazy way with prolonged vowel sounds.
“Suits me fine,” he drawled
Ethan went on in a lazy drawl , as he concentrated on starting the car engine.
‘I was wondering if you'd do me a favor,’ Kimberly began, in a slow drawl .
His dress was casual, and he looked not the least bit tired, except in the slow drawl of his voice.
His British accent buried deep underneath a southern drawl , he commands this movie.
He said this in a lazy drawl , enjoying the sight of her pink face as it turned red.
He has a girlfriend over there, laps up very moment of the warm weather and has even softened his accent with the hint of a southern drawl .
His speech - marked with the hint of a drawl , languid like a stretching cat - was punctuated with another chuckle.
Instead of the melodious tones of an Irish brogue, the exaggerated drawl of an angry young man spat from the earpiece.
a strong Texan drawl
The 61-year-old mother of five and grandmother of seven is soft-spoken, with a pleasing drawl .