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drawer / выдвижной ящик, трассант, рисовальщик
имя существительное
выдвижной ящик
draftsman, drawer, designer, draughtsman
имя существительное
a boxlike storage compartment without a lid, made to slide horizontally in and out of a desk, chest, or other piece of furniture.
For work, one of the chest's ten drawers served as a desk.
The undergarments included stockings, petticoats, drawers , and a corset.
a person who draws something, in particular.
And of course, like any good childhood comic reader, I was a childhood comic drawer .
My producer reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a few pieces of paper held together with a paper clip.
Even if banks have permitted drawings against the cheque, they will not be able to sue the drawer on a dishonoured cheque in the event of being unable to recover from their own customer.
When payments were made by cheque, the thing in action represented by the cheque belonged to the payee not the drawer .
I unlocked your desk drawer and found your pack of evidence.
the banker would have rights as holder to pursue the drawer
He reached into a drawer in his desk and pulled out a green piece of cloth.
Keep a jar of almonds in a desk drawer and have two dozen nuts and a small piece of fruit instead of a candy bar when an afternoon slump hits.
The drawer 's signature will be executed just above it.
She said she could not remember the identity of the drawer of the cheque, nor whether it was payable to cash.
He clutched the knotted mass that was his stomach and reached inside his desk drawer for a bottle of the pink stuff.