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draw / ничья, жеребьевка, вытягивание
имя существительное
draw, tie, dead heat, standoff
draw, toss, drawing, sortition, ballot, toss of the coin
drawing, stretch, elongation, draw, extension, extrusion
draw, depict, design, pencil, depicture, feature
attract, engage, draw, invite, appeal, draw on
spend, conduct, carry out, hold, lead, draw
имя существительное
an act of selecting names randomly, typically by extracting them from a bag or other container, to match competitors in a game or tournament.
the draw has been made for this year's tournament
a game that ends with the score even; a tie.
This season the Berkshire club have lost only four times in 21 games, with seven wins and three draws from 13 league matches.
a person or thing that is very attractive or interesting.
the museum has turned out to be a big draw for schoolchildren in the city
an act of inhaling smoke from a cigar.
superb cigars offering tons of peppery smoke on each draw
an act of removing a gun from its holster in order to shoot.
It can also make your draw from holster or pocket a little more difficult as fabric tends to cling to the rubber stocks.
produce (a picture or diagram) by making lines and marks, especially with a pen or pencil, on paper.
he drew a map
pull or drag (something such as a vehicle) so as to make it follow behind.
a cart drawn by two horses
extract (an object or liquid) from a container or receptacle.
he drew his gun and peered into the gloomy apartment
be the cause of (a specified response).
he drew criticism for his lavish spending
hit (the ball) so that it travels slightly to the left (for a left-handed player, the right), usually as a result of spin given to the ball.
he had to learn to draw the ball—not least for the tee shots at Augusta
But you can get a full hand grip with the gun entirely in the holster so the draw is smooth and virtually effortless.
she took a draw on my cigarette
There were 19 names in the draw and the lucky winner was Mariel Campion, Ballyhemmon.
Both boys hoped for victory, but the match was a draw and they settled for an ice cream and chocolate instead.
Having spent years working and living in London and across Eastern Europe, the solitude and beauty of the landscape offered a powerful draw .
If you draw a card of the trump rank during the deal, you are not obliged to expose it immediately or at all.
The second team does not wilt and also puts up a big score… and the match is a draw anyway.
she took a long draw on her cigarette
Celtic are a famous club and will be an attractive draw for our fans.
The puffins are the biggest draw but a vast array of other seabirds including tens of thousands of guillemots and razorbills are there during the spring and summer.