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draughty / продуваемый насквозь, сквозистый, расположенный на сквозняке
имя прилагательное
продуваемый насквозь
draughty, drafty
drafty, draughty
расположенный на сквозняке
drafty, draughty
имя прилагательное
(of an enclosed space) cold and uncomfortable because of currents of cool air.
anyone would get pneumonia living in the drafty old house
Inevitably, there are many that are distinctly uncomfortable, old and draughty .
It was a cold day, the room was draughty and Isabella's condition took a serious turn.
This evening I discovered that window seats are draughty , so taped up all the hinges and gaps I could find.
Thanks to its basting heat, any old pocket of draughty pavement can now boast a rickety table and chairs.
Replacing draughty windows with double-glazed units will save money.
The tenants raised a few minor issues specific to their homes that they would like to improve including fencing and draughty windows.
The cash-strapped councils need the money to plug leaks in school roofs, shore up unstable walls, install modern heating systems, repair cracked, draughty windows and remove temporary classrooms.
The audiences are prepared to put up with draughty village halls, broken strings, buzzing PA gear and all the other imperfections that seem to make the evenings exciting.
Patchy repairs: ‘If windows are draughty , leave them alone - people will know they have to be replaced.’
The worst category was found to be two-bedroom properties, mostly flats, in which the average number of faults, such as draughty windows, leaky showers and shoddy electrics, was double that in England and Wales.